Polio in the Middle East, the vaccination campaigns are working


Preventive vaccination campaign against polio that was conducted for twelve months in eight countries of the Middle East was able to stop the progression of the disease in this region of the world, after the appearance of more than thirty-eight cases in Syria and Iraq. According to experts from the World Health Organization and UNICEF, other preventive vaccination campaigns against

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Have the Arab Springs dried up?


The fourth anniversary of the Arab Springs was celebrated in Egypt with a climbing death toll that just reached 17. A further 50 people were injured with the greatest degree on unrest being reported in the Matariya district, Cairo. Far from peaceful, the demonstrations were marred with bombings. There was also causalities in Giza, in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria

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Is Yemen Ruled By Law Of Emergency?


‘’He was shopping one day at the center and gunmen kidnapped him, ‘said Khaled al-Anesi, the popular Yemen layer for human rights, of his young client Mobley Sharif, a US citizen. He claims that he was tortured and beaten in jail. Here’s where it gets suspicious. His own government was aware that he was tortured and missing for a year,

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Five Beheaded By Al-Shabaab Militants: When Will This End?


Al-Shabaab militants beheaded their fifth victim, a Quran school instructor in Mogadishu, Somalia, according to recent reports. The Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group claimed responsibility for the killings. ‘’On Friday, the school instructor was kidnapped from his home in Qandho and they dumped his headless body near his home on early Saturday morning,’’ said a local spokesman who asked not to

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Picking a college is something very crucial in preparing one’s future, but picking a company to work in is a whole new level of preparation for the rest of a person’s life. Singapore is one of the most competitive and successful countries in Southeast Asia. When it comes to business, Singaporeans are very well known for their ‘think globally’ attitude.

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