It does not matter what your nationality and ethnic group is, Uniqlo Co. Ltd. is a powerful leader in the fashion industry which can make clothes that surpass all cultural and racial barriers.

Uniqlo which stands for “Unique Clothing” is a store which creates noncomplex and universal designs that its customers can freely blend and combine in order to create their own unique style. Like any other successful retail store, Uniqlo has an array of projects that aims to promote their brand while helping those who are less fortunate, especially those who are in desperate need for financial support.

At present, there are many students who are not given the opportunity to finish their studies mainly because of financial problems. They often get blockaded by their family’s lack of enough funds and resources, making them settle for low quality type of education instead of a world-class one.

This year, Uniqlo Co., Ltd. had established a fellowship program which aims to support graduates who will take up business or design either in Harvard Business School or the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Harvard students who are left unsponsored by corporations are those who will be eligible to apply for Uniqlo’s newly launched fellowship program. According to the announcement, fellowship applicants would have to undergo a selection process which involves a series of interviews. The final stage is a one-on-one interview conducted by Uniqlo’s Chief Executive Officer, Tadashi Yanai. For the initial stages of the selection process, it has been revealed that Hirotaka Takeuchi, a Harvard Business School professor, will be interviewing the candidates from the Harvard Business School while aspiring fellowship recipients from GSD shall be interviewed by Graduate School of Design’s visiting professor, Toyo Ito.

Students who are interested to apply for the program can start sending in their requirements from September 2015 onwards. Every year, two students from each graduate school will be entitled to the benefits Uniqlo’s fellowship program offers. It has been announced that each of the two fellowship awardees who will be chosen at the end of the process will receive an academic grant worth $200,000 from Uniqlo. This program is expected to run for the next three years. In total, six Japanese students will be receiving $1.2M as a form of an academic financial support from the leading retail store. CEO Tadashi Yanai believes that helping students reach their goal of experiencing a world-class level of education shall further enhance their talents and turn them into international professionals that will be capable of becoming assets in either the business or design industry. Moreover, those who will be chosen shall be accepted in Uniqlo Co., Ltd.’s internship program.

With the scholarships Uniqlo generously offers, it is very likely that aspiring designers and businessmen will be given more opportunity to hone their talents, skills, and knowledge on a global level. In addition to this, Uniqlo will be able to get more attention as a fashion store from Harvard students since the fast retailing store plans to unveil a number of Boston stores near the Harvard campus next fall.