Tips to Stay Stylish and Comfortable this summer

Summer always presents a whole new fashion challenge. From wardrobe to makeup to hair problems, there are many things that can go amiss. Your style can suffer at the very last moment, but there are always ways you can fix them. However, the best part is to use those tips and tricks that will require minimum effort and will last the longest. Here are some fashion tips for summer that will help you stay stylish and hot this summer season!

Chose the fabric wisely

We all know it’s hot and like it or not, your body will sweat! Many high end fashion brands produce clothes that are poly-mixtures and not breathable at all. Many hold on to stains and look bad at the wrong time. To avoid all of this, opt for fabrics like cotton, Pima and supima. These fabrics allow for ventilation, are light and quickly air dry so that no sweat stains are visible. Plus, you will feel much cooler in these fabrics and be able to tolerate the heat well.


It’s always best to opt for flat open toed shoes. You know that you will sweat and heels can become slippery and uncomfortable. Often the feet will simply slide and could end up in a fall. The best way to avoid it and also keep your feet aired and happy is by wearing open toed, flat, sandals or slippers. It’s summer after all!

Airy bottoms

Cargo shorts, wide legged pants, flared skirts and mini dresses are all the rage this summer. One reason is that they are extremely comfortable. The wider area allows the air to circulate and gives that relaxing feel that you crave in hot weather. Plus, it also looks very trendy and is one of the fashion statements at the moment. Why not opt for fashion that is stylish as well as comfortable, right?

Hats are your friends

The sun is out and blazing and this can tell on your face. Plus, most of the time, the direct heat causes the temperature of your body to increase to set off a stream of sweat. Large hats are in fashion and it’s the best time to take advantage of these iconic pieces to add some protection and style to your summer outfit. You can add some light embellishments on these hats to add flavor too. We are in love with these flappy head pieces and if you ask us, the bigger, and the better!

All these summer tips and tricks will help you survive the hot heat of the summer this season. Embrace these tips to stand out and live the fashion life comfortably. After all, fashion isn’t just about what looks good. It’s about what’s comfortable and stylish at the same time. Alter your fashion game to make it more summer oriented and enjoy the summer sun to the utmost!