The Boko Haram Menace Continues: Kidnaps 100 Children and Women and Kills 30 People

Boko Haram menace: Kills 32 people, kidnaps over 100 children and women

Recently, Boko Haram terrorists killed 30 people and kidnapped over 180 children and women in Northeastern Nigeria in a planned raid, said local residents and officials. They arrived in many pick up tracks and attacked the remote village in a place called Gumsuri on Sunday and show down men who were working and grouped children and women and killed them. ‘’They then gathered the children and women and carried them in their trucks and burned their homes with bombs’’ said a government official who asked for anonymity for his safety. Due to lack of proper communication, the news of this hostile attack surfaced after four days. Boko Haram had disabled telecommunication towers before they attacked. In fact, local government officials only received news of the attack from locals who had fled for their dear life to Borno state where most officials had migrated to for fear of being attacked.

According to witness reports, the insurgents stormed their homes from two main directions, overwhelming the local vigilantes that worked tirelessly in vain to repel Boko Haram to other areas, said Umar, a Gumisuri agent. He says he walked for four good days to save his dear life. ‘’They burned down our village and kidnapped our women and children, ‘’ said Ari. Another witness claims that the militants used heavy guns to kill the residents and used gasoline canisters to torch down their houses.


We lost our loved ones in the horrific attack. I did not manage to escape with my valuables except the clothes I am wearing, said Kalli. Thousands of residents fled to Gumsuri and continue to travel to Maiduguri – a place struggling to accommodate the large number of residents fleeing from the chaos since their homes have been destroyed. In

In other news, the Cameroonian army says that they managed to kill more than 100 Boko Haram insurgents in a boarder in northeastern on Wednesday. This happened when the insurgents tried to invade Amchide, a busy town in Cameroon, said Lt. Col. Didier Badjeck. They managed to gun down one soldier and another is still missing after they managed to evade the attack, according to statements made by Badjeck. The insurgents managed to steal a truck and destroyed two military trucks, said Badjeck. According to Badjeck, the military caused unspecified harm to the insurgents that manned the northeastern Nigeria boarder. ‘’Our men meticulously fought away the insurgents and forced them to retreat, said the Cameroonian state official spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

“The group has only one clear objective; to ensure they spread uncertainty and fear among the population. But you can trust us that we shall do our best to eliminate their stronghold till they are crushed down.” said Bakary. According to official reports, the Cameroonian government officials clashed with Boko Haram in Limani, Cameroon two months ago. Five Cameroonian forces and over 100 Boko Haram insurgents were killed in the deadly clash, the Cameroon State broadcaster reported.

Campaign of fear and uncertainty

The insurgents have been terrorizing northern Nigeria since early 2009, attacking churches, civilians, police, government buildings and even the police. This month along, a female insurgent killed 6 people in Maiduguri and last month, suicide bombers killed more than 200 people. They attacked a mosque and killed many civilians who were worshipping. The insurgents basically targeted mainstream Islam followers, saying that they don’t represent the 80 million Muslim population in Nigeria. They say that mainstream Islam perverts the religion, said an official who asked for anonymity to protect his identity.

In April this year, the insurgents drew international criticism after they kidnapped schoolchildren, mostly girls who where then sold into inhuman slavery. The insurgents have killed at least 4,000 people since they started killing innocent women and children. This is a report according to a U.S. based congressional report, hence makes it the world’s most wanted terrorist organization. Many people wonder why the insurgent attack mosques and yet they claim that they are religious fighters. The insurgents attacked many establishments, accusing them of perverting the religion and not defending their interests. A prominent member of one establishment is a former governor, who often preaches at the mosque on the weekends. The governor was outside the country when the mosque was attacked by the insurgents, but earlier on he had urged the people of Nigeria to fight of the insurgent in any way they can.