Places to visit in Denmark

Remember the times when we are sad and think about going to a happy place where we could just forget all our worries? Well, according to the UN’s World Happiness Report for 2016, you know which country has officially been declared as the happiest country on Earth? It’s Denmark. I guess now you know where to go to find a happy place. Denmark is one of the countries which is full of its own life. From having strong social support systems, beautiful places, low corruption figures, high personal freedom, this country is one of its own kind.

Talking about beautiful places, Denmark has wide variety of beautiful landscapes. Here is a list of some amazing places which you simply can’t miss while you plan on to visit Denmark. Have a look.

Raabjerg Mile:
What is the most beautiful thing about a place? It’s the history it holds. Raabjerg Mile is an impressive scenery of a migrating dune which was formed in the 16th century on the west coast. It got formed because of a great drift of sand. This dune moves at a rate of 15 metres a year towards east. The beauty of this dune is, first, it reflects history, second, it’s just too beautiful to watch. Go there at the time of sunrise or sunset and get amazed by the enthralling view it’s going to give you. It’s going to be one of the best feelings, just seeing there and seeing the enormous view.

If you are planning to go to Denmark, make sure you don’t leave a place behind. Plan on to travel to the very tip of Denmark and you will find the beautiful village of Skagen. It’s a 700 year old (not even kidding) fishing village enriched with its culinary and cultural history. This place is perfect for both relaxation and contemplation. In order to further explore Skagen, a few hundred metres of north, there is a place named, Grenen, which is a combination of two seas, Kattegat and Skagerrak. This beautiful place where two seas are colliding is worth the travel you are going to have for it. You know, there are very few places where you get a chance to see two seas colliding. Skagen is one of them. So, this place is a must while visiting Denmark.

Rold Skov Forest:
The Rold Scov Forest is not only the largest forest of Denmark, but is also a seven league forest with beautiful phenomena of natural places. From Troldeskov (the Troll Fores) having beautiful troll trees to amazing freshwater springs. This is one of the forests which is going to leave you speechless with the enormous beauty that it holds and with so many amazing sites it is going to offer you.

Moaning Bay (Jammerbugten):
If you really want to make your friends jealous what they are missing out for not coming to Denmark, go to Moaning Bay and send them the picture of this place. It’s one of the most amazing places to spend your holidays. You will find Denmark’s largest amusement park named Farup Sommer land here, and of course the beach where number of events take place. It’s up to you what you want to do, whether it’s hiking or mountain bike, with the beautiful view you will be surrounded with, you will love everything there even if you are not doing anything and just sitting.

Denmark is a safe place to travel

Denmark has a very low crime rate and is generally a safe place to travel. But be aware that petty crime like pickpocketing is also happening in Denmark. Driving in Denmark is also safe and the traffic rules are largely the same as in the rest of Europe. Read more on these websites: