Author and lecturer Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”. It is indeed a glorious endeavour to put other people’s welfare before one’s self; but what if this venture reaches the stage where a strong pull between life and death takes place? Can helping people still be considered as a noble cause worthy of all the sacrifices?

Doctor Victor Willoughby, one of Sierra Leone’s top physicians, has recently become the 11th doctor who had died because of the dreaded Ebola virus. Doctor Willoughby, after being diagnosed with Ebola on December 13, died on Thursday, December 18. Many volunteers and healthcare workers, especially those whom the senior physician had mentored, grew disappointed upon the doctor’s death hours before the ZMAb, an experimental drug developed in Canada, had arrived in West Africa. Few weeks ago, two doctors from the United States who have showed symptoms of Ebola have been responsive to the experimental drug, and so, most healthcare workers stationed in West Africa hoped that this could increase Willoughby’s chances of survival. Many hoped that the 67-year-old doctor would actually be able to survive had the experimental drug arrived sooner. Unfortunately, before the dose of ZMAb could be administered, the doctor had already died.

Ebola is a highly infectious and fatal disease which can be acquired through human-to-human interactions. This acute illness spreads through direct contact from one person to another through blood, bodily fluids, mucous membrane, secretions, and clothing contaminated with infected people’s fluids. It is for this reason why many health-care workers and volunteers have died days after assisting and treating people infected with EVD. Most people also refer to Ebola as the “caregiver’s disease” due to the fact that it is commonly transmitted to those individuals who care for those who suffer from the disease’s symptoms.

It is, indeed, incredibly depressing and frustrating how those people who are helping those individuals who are Ebola-infected are the ones suffering the symptoms of the said disease.

This death of one of Africa’s health workers is not something new for it is something which has actually been happening for quite some time ever since the Ebola outbreak has started. Over 350 healthcare workers have died because of the said virus, and up to this day, the number of victims who belong in the medicine industry is still increasing. In this case, it is important to note that if West Africa citizens are falling as victims of the virus as fast as health practitioners because this implies that the outbreak of Ebola is far worse than what most people know.

Being a healthcare worker is a demanding yet rewarding task. At present, many healthcare workers sacrifice their own health and safety to help those in need. What the international community ought to do now is to aid them in addressing Ebola and give much needed help to all the people suffering because of the Ebola virus.


United States Unhappy About ISIS Beheadings

Muslim rebel with AK assault rifleFormer soldier and diligent American aid personnel, Peter Kassig aged 26 was beheaded, U.S.A confirmed, after video claiming to expose the vile act surfaced on the internet. ISIS held the victim and in earlier videos, they threatened to kill him if their demands were not met. The gross video is an aftermath of the beheading of Kassig, an innocent American citizen caught up in political trifles he was unaware of. The president of the United States of America, was empathetic with Peter’s family, saying ‘’Peter was killed in pure evil and that was inhumanity by the terrorist group ISIS. In captivity Peter had converted his faith to Islam and was also called Abdul-Rahman Kassig.

Initially, he first moved to the Afghanistan to join the U.S, soldiers restore calm and later become a zealous medical worker, helping victims of the brutal war that took innocent lives. He had worked in Syria and this is where he met his bad fate. He stayed in captivity for more than a year by the terrorist group ISIS.

‘’We are sad to find out that our beloved son, Peter Kassig Abdul-Rahman, has been killed because he loved the Syrian and wanted to help ease their transgressions and suffering, Peter’s parents, Paula and Ed, said. Later on, the parents made public an unpublished audio tape their son had recorded before he was held captive by the terrorist group ISIS.

“You know we would have a chance here to make up for a lot wrong that we did in this part of the world if we stepped in, in the right way,” Peter Kassig says in the recording. “If we just as a country did what other people helped me to do in that hospital. How much did I impact the political situation inside Syria? None. How much did I impact the political situation back home? None. But what I did do is that over period of time in that hospital I was able to share a little bit of hope and comfort with some people.”

The family was heartbroken over the killing of other Americans that were held captive before Peter, and prayed for their safe return.

‘’While this group detests the slaughter of innocent people and is armed to create destruction and death, Peter was only a humanitarian keen to help the millions of Syrians dying in the conflict,’’ said Obama. The Islamic state, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is the name of the terrorist group.

A man who resembles Peter was seen in the Sunday video dressed in black and was audibly speaking English with an America accent. A man with similar fitting was seen in the videos of the beheadings of Peter Kassig.


The recording is brutal as it show the graphical details of other people who are said to have betrayed the Syrian Government. The dead figure mocks Obama and the narration dwelt on the ISIS history, saying Obama has to withdraw from Syria. The person narrating names the location where the victim can be found, a small town in Aleppo province.

The fifth American

After Kassig was killed, the total number of Americans beheaded is five. All five beheadings have appeared on video. The first American was James Foley. His video was posted on the internet in August after the United States Government approved ‘’airstrikes’’ against the terror group. Afterwards on early September, the ISIS Released another videos that showed the beheading of the second American journalist Steven Sotloff’s. In a span of a few days, ISSS announced the death of David Haines, a British health worker. Later October, the beheading of Alan Henning was announced by the terrorist group ISIS. John Kerry was quick to praise Peter’s compassion in helping the Syrian people.

‘’He was only a young man that travelled to the world’s worst places to take care of victims of the Syrian war, and boldly worked to helping the needy,’’ said Kerry. You can never compare Kassig’s generosity to the bad spirit of the terrorist group.

Plea for freedom

Peter’s dear life was boldly threated before Henning’s was killed. After the release of the video when he was threatened, Peter’s family also released a video on YouTube to beg the captors to free their only son.