Is Yemen Ruled By Law Of Emergency?

‘’He was shopping one day at the center and gunmen kidnapped him, ‘said Khaled al-Anesi, the popular Yemen layer for human rights, of his young client Mobley Sharif, a US citizen. He claims that he was tortured and beaten in jail. Here’s where it gets suspicious. His own government was aware that he was tortured and missing for a year, according to the young man. ‘’They arrived in civilian clothes and he mistook them for tribal gunmen and tried to save his dear life by running. He was shot and arrested. He was brought to the cells by US investigators that threatened to kill him then rape his dear wife. The young man was beaten and his leg broken.’’

It is not clear whether Mr. Mobley who became a Yemen citizen in 2008 to learn Arabic was in any way involved with the number one terrorist group, Al-Qaeda in the Peninsula. This is the most feared terrorist group in Yemen. In fact, no evidence shows he was involved in Al-Qaeda.

Anwar al-Alwaki had regular contact with Mr. Mobley. He was the group’s spiritual leader. The United States says he was the master propagandist in the terrorist cell and was later killed in a U.S. drone strike. According to official reports, Mr. Mobley met the spiritual leader in 2000 in New York. Awlaki was emailed by Mobley, whose wife was pregnant. He wanted recommendations on where to take her wife.

On March 2020, Mobley tried to escape from the hospital he was in. According to official reports, Mobley shot and fatally injured a guard and all terrorism charges he had were dropped and now he is in jail waiting to be tried for murder. His lawyer has not seen him for months and Mobley says that he has missed more than four trial hearing because those who took him failed to take him to court. ‘’They did not have a right to detain him according to Yemeni law,’’ said his lawyer, Mr. Anesi.

The lawyer claims that Mr. Mobley’s case was delayed indefinitely due to inconsistencies in Yemen judicial system. As Anesi argues, the government has been ready to proceed with his case but for unknown reasons, Mr. Mobley still remains a captive. ‘’The hearing process will move faster soon, said an official who doesn’t with to be named for safety reasons.

An American told Mr. Mobley that Yemen has no constitutional jurisdiction. We are able to do as we please.’’ Well, they did exactly that, said his lawyer.’’ His story has a large audience because Mr. Mobley has his roots in American not a Yemen citizen. He belongs to a group of people who share the same story, said Belkis Wille, a Kuwait and Yemen research for Human rights.
A popular Yemen judge says that Yemen will slowly become disintegrated because the law is never followed even by government officials. For instance,’’ Yemen constitutional law prohibits anyone from killing someone, he said.’’ ‘’It is unfair and unconstitutional to kill anyone without due process, a fair trial so to speak.’’ He further claims that Yemen by law of emergency, not by constitution. America made dozens rules and Yemen abides by those rules.

According to rules enacted by the United States on 2011, a law was passed in the wake of the Twin Towers bombing and offers a legal framework for a ‘’bloody war without end in near’’ This act is widely used and seems to disown United States human rights protocol and has a dire impact that affect Yemen when it comes to legal matters.

‘’It is sad that Americans comes here and do whatever they want’’ said Mawri. It weakens the government’s judicial jurisdiction. ‘’The citizens feel that if the judges cannot protect their reputation, who else will help them, a great state of shame,’’