For sale by owner on the rise in Denmark

Danish real estate is increasingly sold without the involvement of a real estate agent.

Especially the cooperative housing market sees a large share of the real estate sales being sold as “For sale by owner”.

According to a report in september 2014 6,6% of all new real estate listings were done as “For sale by owner”. The same number from the year before was 4,4%.

The rise is predominately due to a larger number of real estate in the cooperative housing sector is sold by the owners without engaging a real estate agent. In Copenhagen 41,9% if all new real estate listings with cooperative housing was done as “For sale by owner”.

There has been a rise in the number of websites assisting the owners with advertising there real estate online on a “For sale by owner” basis. The most popular areĀ andĀ Selvsalg. Especially has been increasingly popular due to it being free.

The traditional real estate agents normally take a fee of around between 3.000 to 5.000 USD. Therefore many sellers would try to avoid using the traditional real estate agents.