Five Beheaded By Al-Shabaab Militants: When Will This End?

Al-Shabaab militants beheaded their fifth victim, a Quran school instructor in Mogadishu, Somalia, according to recent reports. The Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group claimed responsibility for the killings. ‘’On Friday, the school instructor was kidnapped from his home in Qandho and they dumped his headless body near his home on early Saturday morning,’’ said a local spokesman who asked not to be named for fear of his life. The teacher, identified as Hussein Mohamed was a resident of Qandho in central Somalia. He was 45 years old. The reason Mr. Hussein was killed was that he refused to follow orders by the militants to leave the village that was seized by AU and Somali troops. According to the militants, all local residents were supposed to leave their homes once they seized their town.

Early last week, Al-shabaab militants kidnapped and killed two policewoman of Somali origin by beheading in the remote city of Teyeglow, in southwest Somalia. A government soldier whose dear wife was among the victims who were beheaded then sought revenge and killed five Al-shabaab wives. In the town of Bur Hakab near south Somalia, the militants also killed two army guys. This is a group that was declared a terrorist organization in early March 2008 by the United States of America. Al-shabaab seeks to Somaliland into an Islamic state. The militants are linked to hundreds of deaths from attacks that target civilians, workers, journalists and AU peacekeepers.

In other news, U.S official intelligence personnel are in the process of confirming the death of Omar Hammami, who was beheaded in Somalia by Al-shabaab militants. According to Somalia media, the no-nonsense jihadist known as ‘the American’ met his death on orders carried out by his rival within their group. Reports claim that Hammami was born in Alabama and was a recruiter based in U.S. on the verge of recruiting western Europeans and Americans to the terrorist group, one of the most dangerous militants in Africa.

A U.S Special Forces officer confirmed that they are yet to make sure the reports of his death are true and if they are, it would be a turning point to the group’s operations overseas. ‘Our people have been following this report keenly. We are yet to confirm the report is true, ‘said the official. According to Somalia medial, Al-shabaab leader known as Ahmed Abdi Godane ordered the execution of Hammami and jihadist forums were quick to post the alleged beheading on Hammami.
Hammami had released a video last month admitting to feeling that Al-shabab were going to kill him due to difference of opinion. In the video which could not be verified, he says he disagreed with the Jihadist’s strategy and Islam’s Sharia Law. This is not the first time the group executed their foreign fighters, according to recent reports. Hammami was believed to have been killed in February after heavy shelling in Mogadishu by anti-insurgent soldiers. He joined the group in 2007 October when he was only in his twenties.

The Al-Jazeera reports describe him as a ‘military instructor’ and a ‘fighter’ and he hid his face when filming videos. Nobody knows what triggered Hammami to change from a talented student who dated a popular girl in college, to an influential figure in today’s world’s inhumane Islamist group. He was born in 1884 and was brought up in a Christian family and went to Bible camp when he was young. His mother had an Alabama Accent and he learned this in elementary school. His father who was strict, and was from Syria and later moved to America as an engineer.

His was raised in the American way of life but he remained a cultural Muslim where shoes were always left outside the door and pork was strictly forbidden, and their household was decorated with Koranic inscriptions. In his youthful years, he loved soccer and Shakespeare and had dreams of studying surgery. His friends say Hammami was a good leader. ‘It felt nice just to be around him, a friend reported to the New York Times. He was a fun person to have around and we knew he had strong leadership skills. In his early thirties, Hammami was a leader in one of the worst terrorist group in the world.