Fall Fashion 2016

Fall is an absolutely ideal season for fashionistas to experiment with their fashion tastes and try new and bold trends. This is because fall is all about wearing different trends and trying on different colors. Fashionistas do not play it safe in fall when it comes to experimenting with color schemes, designs, trends etc. Unlike summers and winters, fall does not require you to carry either really summery or heavy clothes. The weather is moderate and therefore you can dress whatever way you want. This is a great perk when it comes to fashion in fall. This gives you the liberty to try different things and colors. Fall fashion this year is full of surprises and fresh trends. In our article today, we will look at some of our favorite fall trends for 2016.

Pumpkin Spice:

Brownish orange color is really trending high for fall fashion 2016. This color totally complements the season and goes with the vibe of it. Brownish orange looks great on all skin tones and complements every body type. From formal or casual clothing, pumpkin color – as we will like to nickname it – looks absolutely breathtaking. A lot of women usually wear colors like black, navy blue, burgundy etc. in this season. Therefore, this color is a breeze of fresh air and a unique touch to the season’s fashion feel.

Pumpkin SpicceSkirt Suits:

Pant suits for women made a lot of waves in the fashion world. They were the perfect corporate wear attire. However, for fall this year, skirt suit has taken the place for pant suits. Skirt suit consists of a three piece attire with a midi skirt, collar shirt (or any other type of shirt) and a blazer/coat, completed with a bow, tie or bow-tie or none. This look is perfect for formal get-togethers and corporate events. It looks effortless and sharp.


Bohemian Chic

Boho fashion has been on top of the fashion charts for a lot of time now and it is not going away any time soon. Bohemian fashion has to do with flowy and feathery looks, floral prints, amazing cuts etc. Bohemian fashion is basically inspired from gypsies and hippies and looks really amazing. Boho fashion is also hot this fall 2016. Flowy skirts with floral printing and other intricate designs and unique cuts is trending. Bohemian fashion is not just restricted to clothing; it also looks great when it comes to hair, jewelry, shoes and even makeup.

Over-the-Ankle Boots:

When Kim Kardashian wears it, it is definitely a style statement already. Over-the-ankle boots are a big hit in the fashion world this fall. Mule heels and peep toed over-the-ankle boots looks especially chic and can be worn with jeans or even with shorts or a dress. Wear this hot trend this season and add a spark to your style quotient.











Basic Leggings:

Yes, you are reading it right. Leggings too are a style statement this fall. You can pair a nice and comfy pair of black legging with absolutely anything. You can wear it with a crop-top, a duster coat, a denim jacket, a kimono, anything; the possibilities are endless.