Exploring the six most enchanting coastal towns in Axarquia

In many ways, the undeveloped nature of Axarquia is central to the appeal of this region on the southern tip of mainland Spain. Overflowing with rugged coastline and historical culture, it is also known for being a fascinating encounter where coastal towns are one of the true highlights on every visit. In the mountains there are charming towns like Competa and other “White Towns”. At the same time, there are many coastal towns in the region which can make the planning process a little tricky and so the following are the best coastal towns in Axarquia which should feature on every travel itinerary:

Six enchanting coastal towns to visit in Axarquia

  1. Benajarafe

This charming little coastal town is located just 45 kilometers from the center of Malaga and is a nice example of a quaint town in Spain. Although this town is known as a rather sleepy in the winter months, it  comes alive during the summer and features a long stretch of beach with watersports in the summer and white powdered sands. Along the seafront, there are also many tapas bars available for a bite to eat while inland from the town, the mountains offer a fast escape route from the tourist crowds which frequent the beach. It must also be noted that this mountainous region is worth the visit, for well marked hiking trails and beautiful surroundings offer the perfect excuse to get active.

  1. Torre Del Mar

Located just 28 kilometres from Malaga lies one of the most popular coastal resorts in the whole of Axarquia.  Torre del Mar is a major tourist hotspot, mainly due to its all-year-round warm climate, so it can get quite busy.  However, this is far from being a downside as the happy tourists create an excellent and vibrant atmosphere.  Along the beachfront, there are many bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and supermarkets which ensure there are more than enough reasons to enjoy an extended stay in this particular town. Furthermore, Torre del Mar also holds some historical significance as this town was believed to be part of an ancient Greek settlement called Manake, and while this is still to be confirmed, the remnants suggest this could easily be true.

  1. Algarrobo

If you really want to step back in time and feel part of the local history, Algarrobo offers arguably the most unique experience amongst any of the coastal towns.  Set in the picturesque mountain regions of Axarquia, Algarrobo is a charming little whitewashed village that still retains an old Moorish charm.  The village is situated 3 kilometres from Torre de Mar is the ideal location for some rest and relaxation without being too far from the main attractions and places to see. Another highlight in town is the beach which also happens to be lined with restaurants and local bars for entertainment. And then there is the Route of Sun and Wine which begins in Algarrobo, a famous driving route which takes visitors through the local vineyards in Axarquia before ending in the coastal town of Nerja.

  1. Torrox

Torres is another quiet, peaceful, coastal town which offers an authentic insight into the life of locals. Located just a few kilometres inland and less than twenty minutes drive to the nearest town, Nerja, Torrox too has retained much of the Moorish appearance and culture.  With whitewashed houses and narrow streets, it hosts a sensational view of the coast while once upon a time it was also home to a Moorish castle which was sadly destroyed quite some time ago.  There is however an 18th century hospital and a 19th century sugar factory which are still standing and open for tourists.  One special event that’s hosted here each year is the Festival of Migas where thousands of visitors get together to eat migas, drink wine, and dance the night away.

  1. Nerja

Surrounded by the awe inspiring Sierra Almijara mountain range, Nerja is one on the main popular tourist locations of Axarquia and a must-have stop when planning any travel itinerary in Spain.  This coastal town is often referred to as the “Jewel of the Costa del Sol”, and is located around a half an hour drive from Granada.  Boasting some the best beaches in the area, including the very popular Burriana Beach, Nerja is a great place to visit as part of your trip.  The old part of town is still very much traditional with narrow streets, wrought iron terraces, and whitewashed houses.  Some visitors enjoy hiring a horse-drawn carriage to take them through the town for a truly magical experience.  With shops and restaurants a plenty, there is certainly something for everyone in Nerja.

  1. Rincon de la Victoria

Located in the southwest of Axarquia, just 12 kilometres east of Malaga, this peaceful little fishing village is a great place to soak up some of the culture on offer in southern Spain.  It is also a very laid back town, with several cultural monuments worth exploring, including the Casa Fuerte (Fort) which dates back to 1733 and has now been transformed into both an art gallery and a concert hall.  There are no shortage of shops, restaurants and bars to enjoy in this pretty village either. Furthermore, the Cuerva del Tesoro (Treasure Cave) is situated just outside the village that boasts a series of caverns packed with wonderous stalactites, stalagmites, Palaeolithic paintings, and underground pools for all to see.

Of course these are just a few of the best coastal towns in Axarquia and for the most part, you should find many more while traveling throughout this region.  In fact, this is often the best thing about travel in Axarquia in that the unexpected is often the most underrated and the very same can be said for the coastal towns. Whatever your reasons for wanting to get away, whether it be to relax, to learn about the culture of southern Spain, or just to have some fun, you can be certain that the coastal towns of Axarquia are just as memorable as the scenery in this beautiful part of the world.