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Winter Tyres Tips

wintertiresAs the winter is knocking on your door, it’s time to dress your car with proper winter tyres so it won’t skid away on a snowy or icy road. Here are a few tips on how to choose and maintain winter tyres in order to get maximum efficiency.

Choosing winter tyres

If you are looking for new tyres, you’re about to drown in a sea full of brands, models and technologies, all promising utmost performance for the cold season to come. Let’s face it; tyres aren’t really cheap, so budget has a say in your choice. On the other hand, remember that a quality set of tyres should last around three years, in normal usage conditions. Thus, making a proper investment now will keep you worry free for the next two or three seasons.

Usually, brands like Continental, Dunlop and Michelin provide premium quality tyres that perform well on snow. They do, however, come at a premium price, depending on your wheels’ characteristics.

The rule of the thumb is that more expensive tyres usually perform better, so try to go as high as your budget allows and always choose products from a renowned producer. Don’t get fooled by Chinese or Turkish no-name brands providing cheap alternatives; they are likely to fail when you need them most.

Equipping winter tyres

Now that you’ve chosen a proper winter set for your vehicle, it’s time to put them on. Take your car to a local wheel shop to have them applied. Unless you acquired winter tyres along with rims, you do have to let a technician do the switch. Once the work’s done, make sure that the tyres are equipped according to their direction of rotation. Uni-directional tyres feature an arrow on the tyre sidewall indicating the mounting direction. Equipping them the other way around results in poor performance of the wheels.

There’s a common misconception regarding the pressure required in the tyre. Normally, each tyre producer offers a maximum and minimum pressure value that must be respected when inflating the tyre. During the summer, you should apply a pressure tending towards the upper value, however winter conditions require a lower tyre pressure. A lower pressure creates a larger contact patch resulting in better grip.Take care though not to achieve just minimum tyre pressure. But there are different opinions about that; certified wheel technician should provide accurate insight on the matter.

Final considerations

You have gotten to the point where your car is equipped and ready to overcome the snowy slopes and straights. Or, is it? Always before leaving for a drive on winter roads, remember that not even the best tyres can provide grip similar to dry conditions. It is up to you, the driver, to maintain a speed from which you can safely get the car to a complete halt. Furthermore, in some heavy-snow conditions, it may be required to use snow chains to improve grip even more.


A Guide to Car and Motor Insurance

motor-insuranceHuntington News will in a string of articles focus on insurances. Insurances are important to have if things go wrong. But at the same time the wrong insurance will be a waste of money and may be useless when you need it. Our first article will be on how to find the right auto insurance. This article is written for both our US and international readers. Insurances differ in some ways from country to country, so we will try to highlight these differences when they are relevant.

How to Shop for Motor Insurance

For the most ideal transaction, shop around. Obtain numerous car insurance quotes from varied insurance firms prior to you purchasing or renewing your policy. Insurance firms are different; therefore, you can obtain a better transaction elsewhere.

Avoid being scared of changing. You can change insurance firms any time you desire; even at the middle of your car insurance policy period. If you get an improved rate, change and save.

Three kinds of car insurance exist:

  • Third party, that caters for your legal liability in case you destroy another individual’s physical belongings such as (walls, cars, gates, etc.) because of a driving accident.
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft, presents third party cover and includes a couple of helpful sections of cover – fire damage to your vehicle and theft, as well as destruction caused by stealing or attempted stealing.
  • A totally comprehensive policy is inclusive of Third Party, Fire and Theft and shall additionally pay for destruction to your personal car in case of an accident. A lot of perks are available also; for instance, it shall also offer you cover when you drive vehicles belonging to other individuals. This is helpful if you borrow another person’s vehicle and you are not covered by their insurance.

The elements below have an impact on the payment you submit for your premiums

  1. Your work
  1. Your age
  1. Your driving record

The vehicle you drive: The more expensive the car, the higher the premium. Cars of top performance are also more costly to insure, compared to their stock standard counterparts.

Vehicle Location: You shall pay extra if you keep the vehicle in a location where crime is rife or park it at night on the street.

Purpose you utilize the car for: You will pay extra, for instance if you intend to utilize the car for business delivery intents.

The excess set-up you select: The more the excess, the less the premiums.

Satellite Tracking and Gear Locks: Shall assist to lower your premiums.

In case you are purchasing another vehicle, do not overlook to shop around for insurance!

For someone who is purchasing a vehicle for the first time, the procedure can be a hard decision. A lot of purchasers do not know that they should have insurance prior to driving their latest vehicle from the showroom floor.  The financial institutions offering the funds for the purchase shall be adamant about this so as to facilitate the safety of their latest asset.

auto-insuranceDo not simply give in to the initial offer presented to you; obtain a minimum of 3 quotes prior to reaching a decision. Sites like DurchblickerBilforsikring, Chill, and Money Supermarket provide insurance comparison services. But do not forget to contact insurers directly to get quotes from them too. But remember: ‘A lot of finance institutions or banks are associated with an insurance firm or brokerage company. So, new purchasers might experience pressure to obtain insurance cover via the supplier the bank prefers.’

It is vital to be aware that it is not possible to implement this and the client is the one who should decide. This makes it necessary to shop around for quotes that are competitive to make sure you are presented with the most ideal transaction; in regard to cover as well as cost.

‘This is mandatory for youthful drivers, since they are regularly fined for their age and absence of driving experience, leading to increased premiums and excesses.’

Cash purchases are not excluded from the requirement of insuring their latest car. Hijackings and thefts remain a reality and the increasing number of vehicles on the road places all drivers at increased danger of getting into an accident.

Selecting an insurance product which is appropriate in regard to value adds, budget and excess to be paid is a meticulous decision. With the correct advice, it can be made logically and safely.

A lot of youthful, first-time purchasers discover that buying insurance via a direct insurer is in reality, an easy procedure.

It is possible for them to attain a customized insurance solution which meets their particular requirements. Using direct insurance, extra charges are not paid by clients to obtain what they require.

Any driver on the verge of going to buy a new car would be advised to think of the direct insurance advantages, which entail saving time and cost.